Truth being the reason why, “I live the way I do!” The lies we are told from a very young age set the standards on a road that coasts.

We are told to lie, behave and most of all STOP pretending!


 Did anyone just get that?  STOP pretending and lie instead …  hmm

As children we enter only knowing the truth and seeing the magic in which they refer to as having an overactive imagination.

A beautiful and wondrous something, I might add!

We are conditioned at their will to make up where they failed. This is not right. Years and years of programming each other.

Are you lost yet? I was but no longer I am I plugged in. Taking each fragile step towards true connection and reaching my true identity, my truth, my happyness. Truth is, I want to be free.

Free to think for myself, free to be weird, free to do nothing in everything, there is  a better way and it creates positive inspiration to all those around us. It does not take away buts gives of itself.

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen! At this very moment I am living the chance to be free from judgement, cause and fear. Lies instilled in me and in you. I will undo this mess and imagine one day being the beautiful creature, God intended me to be. I will trust in him and thy own self be true and for that promise all will be provided for, never being without or alone.

Choice is ours and that is the truth.


Truth in living the way I do

One thought on “Truth in living the way I do

  • December 10, 2015 at 11:13 pm

    Shanna, I just watched your video with the young man who lost his job. I got to watch you in action and thought to myself how wonderful it is to see how your life has developed to the degree you embrace the love and positive influence that comes from the core of Christ. He has been our example to follow and no power of hell or past generational hurts can hamper what is meant for us to have and be. How rewarding it must be for you to know you are making a difference in others lives. I am so happy we met on line and look forward to meeting you one day in person.


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