Child/Parent Coaching

Teaching kids the basics – morals, values and self- love, respect. Helping them connect through their gifts, talents and skills. “Happiness starts at home”

Holistic Life Coaching

Specializing in self- empowerment. Teaching personal development and growth. Encouraging our spirit to emerge beyond our egoistic person.

Transitional coaching- Helping people with life changes, loss, and motivating them to move past the hopeless alternatives. Easy, quick less than satisfying gratification has holes, consequences and will have you in self destruction mode, change your beliefs. Do the work that is necessary of you, it will be so worth it!! I promise.

Inspirational Speaker

Founder, Coach and Executive Creator/Director of Vital Spark Productions

Public Speaking Engagements. Contact my Publicist for more details. 1.585.330.4406


 I teach the basic skills of meditation, and guide my clients to a true understanding. A natural healing will enhance their lives moreover help them achieve their goals.

“A movement towards sincere love”

Sacred self is the connection that brings one back to life. Feed your soul and less attention to your ego. Be true to yourself through meditation.

Heals; addiction, stress, motivation, energy, love, focus, concentration, discipline, clarity, behavioral, appetite, and so much more.

Everything in balance and one must believe to have it work.  Guaranteed success!

“Be Love, and Love will Bless you back.”

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