Recently, I was speaking with a friend about the game we play..when it comes to dating.

Truth be told some of us no longer want to play the game nor those who ever like playing them in the first place. 

The dating game rules;

Competition, greed, foolish lies, sex in other words A BRAND!
It may be exciting and fun, full of wonder & lust…In the end it tis empty in its place, a heart that has become numb.

Where do we go from here..We go back to the beginning.

Think of it as your strategy now;

Remembering our childlike selves, there in all of us no matter how dark of places we have traveled, empty our hearts, feelings of loss, lies we have told. Renew your love “yes” it may be true. In you~ a heart beats, the fire holds your courage. Passions- ones have told you it tis only of pretend nature, the imagination of a child. It tis real, what you once felt in your bellies, an energy that excited your very soul! Press the return button and begin again my friends…..Love and be loved. Wash those expectations, assumptions and lies away with what you have been told and reach deep down where your child is waiting for you to live true. Your happy has not left you for you have been asleep. Dare yourself and be kind, give your love without nothing in return. Be kind to those who know no better turn your head from the shadow that instills cold fears for you may believe they are there but no longer do you fear them.

“Don’t like the game, think of it as “a Strategy.”

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