I am a holistic life coach, and author of “Poetic Love Frenzy.” Founder of- Vital Spark Productions. Currently, on tour promoting my book, more importantly, bringing all my insight to life with a great group of people who are passionate, and believe in health and wellness as a whole. “We are real people who have been there and want to enliven others with what we have learned.” Real stories, Real people. I will continue to manifest love vibes through being true to myself thus create the books and shows that will heal and resonate purpose upon self -worth “Poetic Love Frenzy” is very close to my heart, along with “Vital Spark Productions”and I do hope they bring you happiness furthermore, awaken something, in you, as I. Once I recognized the separation of my egoistic mind vs. spirit I was called to create a new concept that allows others to access their true happiness through music, comedy and wellness. Realizing that you can not put a price on happiness. Proceeds from the show are reinvested in the tour to continue on with the idea- “a movement towards sincere love.” 


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